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Carpet Types

Thu 11th October 2018  | posted in Carpets

Carpet Types Explained

Carpet jargon can be confusing when looking to purchase a carpet, see the simple guide below to explain the types and their features, so you can pick the perfect carpet for your space.

Twist Pile

This type of carpet has a short pile which is highly twisted, producing a more durable carpet with well-defined tufts.


This type of carpet provides a super soft finish which is a very popular feature for customers purchasing carpets.However, this carpet is a short pile with less twists, so the tufts are allowed to bloom to create the soft effect, it is not as hard wearing as some so should be placed in a reduced footfall space.

Loop Pile

This type of carpet features uncut loops stopping any tufts from untwisting, which makes it a hard-wearing carpet.If you require a flatter finish, choose one with level loops or for a more textured finish a multi-level loop is the one for you.


This gives an even softer feel to the feet than velvet carpet due to its deep pile and being loosely set. This offers a very luxurious feel however is not suitable for heavy footfall.


This carpet has a deep pile too however, the twist is heat set to maintain the carpets durability without losing the carpets feeling of softness underfoot.


Due to this carpet having irregular lengths and levels of loops it creates a distinctive texture.


Rather than just being printed on top of a carpet a pattern can be woven into the carpet, creating a fantastic hard-wearing carpet.

Cut and Loop

This carpets feature is the mix of piles which are cut, and some are loops, this in turn gives an exceptionally textured look.

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