Handy Guide To Associated Weavers Wool Collection

Fri 11th October 2013  | posted in remnants

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From the refinement of Park Lane, softness of Cashmere Berber, designs of Glenweave or subtle colours of High Point Twist Associated Weavers is the perfect wool choice.

Park Lane in 50 oz Elegance or 40 is Classic a luxury eighth gauge carpet. High Point Twist with latest on trend colours and Cashmere Berber, a wool twist with added cashmere for quality and super softness to Glenweave which is a fashionable wool mix in natural patterns Associated Weavers have them all covered.

We are lucky to get a great selection of all these ranges in our carpet remnant packages that we buy from this greta carpet manufacturer.  The lastest delivery is now fully unloaded, checked, measure and photographed ready for someone to get a high quality wool carpet at a true discounted price.

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