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Rugs2You is Responsive

Tue 24th September 2013  | posted in Rugs

We have been updated!  Our cutting edge website has taken another technological leap forward.

Rugs2You is now fully "mobile friendly".  We had noticed that nearly 40% of our visitors were browsing our site using a mobile device.  In response the site has been re-developed to the new industry standard that all top quality websites will be bench marked by - this is known as a responsive website and basically has the ability to automatically adjust to the size of screen that is being used.

This means that users on mobile devices such a iPhones and smart phones will see a different layout to someone using a tablet or PC.  This improves load speed of the site and user experience.

We have also updated our filters to allow an easier way of selecting the type of rug you are looking for, e.g. modern rugs, black rugs, etc.

We love to be leaders in our field and have some other exciting develpments coming in the next few months................

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