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How to Look After and Clean Your Vinyl Floor.

Fri 07th December 2012  | posted in Vinyl Flooring

You have chosen your new vinyl floor but how do you look after it and make sure it stays in tiptop condition. Please find below some guides and tips from Rhinofloor -

1. Protection against damage by furniture and stileto heels

Place large surface plastic castor cups under any chair legs and heavy appliances

When moving furniture or heavy appliances which may have sharp feet such as washing machines, freezers, cookers, etc, slide a piece of hardboard or inverted carpet underneath, manoeuvre the appliance onto it, then slide it out onto a second piece of hardboard

Avoid subjecting the flooring to stiletto heels, sharp knives etc. and hot surfaces such as saucepans

2. Protection against tracked in dirt

Prevent damage to your floorcovering from grit brought in underfoot by having a doormat at entrances from outside. This will save unnecessary cleaning up as well!

Do not use latex/rubber-backed doormats, unless stipulated by their manufacturer that they do not stain vinyl products, as this may discolour your floorcovering

3. Safety

Mop up spillages on the surface immediately

Remember, that all vinyl floorings can be slippery when wet

4. Cleaning

Sweep up any pieces of grit and dirt

Regularly damp mop with a suitable diluted floor cleaner, following the manufacturer’s dilution recommendations

Thoroughly rinse the floor with clean warm water. Leave this to dry before walking on the floor.

Do not use strong detergents, harsh abrasive powders or wire wool scouring pads, as they will damage the surface of your floorcovering

Always mop up any spillages immediately

5. Stains

The following can permanently stain your new floorcovering:

- Shoe polishes

- Some veterinary ointments

- Hair dye and other preparations

- Bitumen/tar tracked in from freshly

- Some powder paints

- Resurfaced roads and pathways

- Wax crayons

- Some highly coloured foods e.g. Ketchup

- Some animal excreta  


6. Rubber staining

Some latexes/rubbers, which contain certain antioxidants, can permanently stain your floor. Rubber of this type is often used in the manufacture of backings for rugs and mats, protective feet for stools and wheels for trolleys as well as low cost shoes and slippers. These can all produce a yellow staining on the heavily trafficked areas of your floor.

7. Recommended cleaning products

Rhinofloor recommends the use of the following cleaning products:


Dettol Anti-Bacterial Direct Floor Cleaner

Dettol Antibacterial Multi-Action Dilutable Liquid Lemon

Sainsbury’s Perform Anti-Bacterial All Purpose Cleane,

Sainsbury’s All Purpose Cleaner

Tesco All Purpose Cleaner

Strong bleach and pine gel products are not recommended.



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