Is Vinyl and Lino the Same Thing

Thu 07th November 2013  | posted in vinyl

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This week we have been asked 4 times "Is vinyl and lino the same thing” The simple answer is no, but the answer does need some explaining.

Linoleum (or lino for short) is often used as a synonym for a vinyl sheet flooring but they are actually 2 completely different products.  Whilst both of these products are classed as resilient floors the only true similarity is that linoleum and vinyl can come both in a sheet form or in a tile format.

Why are they different?
The simple difference is that linoleum is made from natural and renewable materials including linseed oil, cork and wood and a vinyl flooring is made from man made sythetic materials such as ethylene (from in crude oil) and chlorine (from salt). When chemically combined these form Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or as is commonly referred to - Vinyl.

Both are great options particularly for bathroom floors and kitchen floors but vinyl will always be the cheaper option in the short term as it does not require the in depth floor preparation and technical fitting skills that lino needs.  We do feature a great option for DIY fitting of linoleum - Marmoleum Click - this product is basically lino on a backing board that is installed in a similar method to laminate.

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