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​Stylish Ways Using the Colour Sage Green

Tue 04th December 2018  | posted in Carpets

Everybody strives for calm and comfort in their busy lives, which why our love for calming colours being used in our home decoration are on an all-time high. Giving the staple neutrals of soft beige's and cool greys a run for their money is Sage Green.

According to the theory of colour psychology green portrays growth, life, renewal and the environment, it is easy to see why the colour has a fantastic positive impact. Sage green allows the feel of the natural world outside, to be reproduced in your home with a positive effect. Using this colour in anyway inside your home such as flooring like Hugh Mackay Elite carpet or this fantastic Asiatic rug or as a paint colour, sofas or even just in soft furnishings has a fantastic positive effect to the space. This is a great choice when perhaps your particular room does not have a lot of natural light or the view from your window isn’t of the fabulous British countryside.

Sage Green has a range of colours varying in lightness and concentration, so therefore be it a warm and earthy shade or a cooler shade with a silvery tint, it can satisfy any style whether yours is neutrals or perhaps a bolder darker look, sage green is a fantastic choice for either. So, perhaps your style is Mid-Century or Country style both will look fabulous with the colour sage green.

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