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2013 Trend Corner / Blog Archive

2013 is here!

06th January 2013

A quick look back at 2012 and a sneak previews of what Carpet Remnants Online will be doing in 2013

Bring on the New Year

07th January 2013

We are so looking forward to 2013! We have many exciting new ranges to add to our website and have some amazing deals for you.

Heuga Carpet Tiles Launched Online

09th January 2013

Heuga Carpet Tiles are Here! We are please to announce the launch of this leading brand of carpet tile available to order online.

Bathroom Carpet

10th January 2013

Yes we still sell bathroom carpet ! In the last 15 years carpet in the bathroom has fallen out of favour but there are still people who would rather have a nice soft floor covering underfoot rather than a cold ceramic tile or even a vinyl floor covering.

Cheap Vinyl Flooring

16th January 2013

New Batch of Crucial Trading Remnants

21st January 2013

Congratulations to the early birds who picked up one of these bargains last time. 15 sold within the first 24 hours

Funky Vinyl Flooring

21st January 2013

Europe's Largest Carpet Show

22nd January 2013

January sees the annual flooring exhibition at Domotex in Hanover. From this show we will be bringing you all the new ranges to keep up with the latest designs and fashions.

Circular Rugs

29th January 2013

How to find our best selection of round rugs

Half Moon Rugs

29th January 2013

A truly classic shape in classic styles - but which is the Rugs2you favourite?

Striped Carpets

31st January 2013

At Floors4Home we have the best selection of striped carpets online. From an amazing £3.99/SqM we have a price and style for everyone!

New Delivery Due

31st January 2013

Our customers are certainly keeping us busy - and from the feedback from the delivery we know you'll love these ones too


04th February 2013

Cheap Carpets Online

04th February 2013

Floors4Home are really proud of our ranges of carpets. We have ranges from many leading manufacturers such as Associated Weavers, Cormar Carpets, Abingdon, etc.

Crucial Trading

07th February 2013

Genuine Crucial Trading Remnants - Wool / Sisal / Seagrass, we've got the lot!

Bathroom Flooring

07th February 2013

Bedroom Carpets

10th February 2013

Have a look at our great selection of bedroom carpets they start at an unbelievable £3.99/Sqm. We have all colours including pink carpets and even striped ones.

What is the Best Type of Carpet for Stairs

14th February 2013

This is a question we are asked on a daily basis. The stairs are invariably the heaviest use area of the home so a stair carpet gets the most wear. It is important to buy a carpet that is suitable for use on stairs and this is determined by its classific

Plain Colour Vinyl Flooring

18th February 2013

Vinyl flooring in beautiful plain colours from white to black and including reds, lime greens and blues are the must have trendy flooring choice!

New Range of Funky Rugs

22nd February 2013

Five Funky Rugs to Brighten up or Freshen up

What is the best Carpet Underlay

25th February 2013

Does it make sense to buy cheap carpet underlay ? There are hundreds of different types of underlay available to buy online, but what is the best?

Wool Tartan Carpets

27th February 2013

We have launched a new range of wool tartan carpets! These woven style axminster carpets are ideal for use virtually anywhere in the home.

New Range Launched

28th February 2013

Pink Bedroom Carpet

01st March 2013

Here at Floors4Home we have one of the best selections of pink bedroom carpets available online.

Last Chance Anisa

04th March 2013

Top four bargains from the Anissa Clearance.

Wool Twist Carpets to Clear

06th March 2013

We have a fantastic range of wool twist carpets to clear from stock - these offers are one offs and can not be repeated.

Cormar Carpets

07th March 2013

One of the leading carpet manufacturers in the UK - Cormar Carpets are one of our favourite suppliers.

Discounted Carpets

07th March 2013

Up to 70% off RRP found in most carpet shops - See how we do it

Cutest Rugs We've Seen

13th March 2013

There's a lot of children rugs on the market - these are our favourites.

Carpet Underlay for Underfloor Heating

18th March 2013

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular and it is very important that the correct underlay is used to allow the system to work correctly.

Tartan Carpets to Buy Online

08th April 2013

At Floors4Home we have re-launched our tartan collection of carpets and have the largest selection available online.

Oxford and Cambridge Rugs

11th April 2013

Top spring tip for 2013

Coolest Striped Carpet

17th April 2013

We have just launched our most funky striped carpet! the range has the loudest colours and is ideal for kids bedrooms!

Axminster Carpets in Administration

17th April 2013

Earlier this year it was announced that Axminster Carpets of Devon had applied to go into administration. This was a shock to many people but here at Floors4Home we were not too surprised.

We Love Spring Floral Rugs

23rd April 2013

Bang on trend for 2013. Why you can update the style of your room without breaking your back or the bank

Finding the Right Carpet Remnant

24th April 2013

Easiest way to find your perfect carpet. Pop your sizes into the Size Wizard and let us do the hard work for you

Lounge Carpet Ideas

28th April 2013

It's not just about the colour of the carpet. Getting the mix of what the carpets made from can be just as important. Let us give you a brief guide

Gooch Oriental Rugs Introductory Offers

09th May 2013

Top tip for bagging a designer bargain - pick from the rugs we think are the cream of the crop

The Magnificent 70

10th May 2013

A 70oz Wool Twist on a Carpet Remnant Website at less than £20 a square meter! Unbelievable!!

70oz Wool Twist Carpet

13th May 2013

Our suppliers told us this carpet was "too good for the Internet" and that most retailers were selling it "between £30 and £40 per sq m" but that's just not how we think at Floors4home.

Cheap Bedroom Carpets

10th June 2013

Bringing the Bedroom up to date for less than £4 Sq m

Rugs by Crucial Trading

12th June 2013

Back in stock, but probably not for long. Be the first to see the amazing quality f these Crucial Trading Rugs.

Cormar Carpets

24th June 2013

We go behind the brand to see what makes them so great.

Striped Carpets

24th June 2013

Stripey Carpet from £3.99

01st July 2013

Doing the double. How to be on Trend and on Budget.

Is vinyl flooring suitable for use with underfloor heating.

02nd July 2013

We are often asked if you can use our vinyl flooring over underfloor heating. The answer is yes you can but there are a few exceptions.

Guide to Bathroom Flooring

21st August 2013

When choosing your bathroom flooring it is important to consider more than just the way it looks.

Crucial Trading Remnants

04th September 2013

The only thing better than Crucial Trading's flooring is Crucial Trading Flooring with up to 70% off RRP Be the first to see what's coming.

Choosing the right Carpet.

04th September 2013

Demystifying the myth's of whether a carpet has to be cheap to be good value

New Delivery of Carpet Remnants

23rd September 2013

We buy in bulk and pass on the savings - all hand checked and ready to go

Rugs2You is Responsive

24th September 2013

How to check your getting the best price for your rug whilst out shopping.

Vinyl flooring for Kitchens

24th September 2013

We believe that vinyl flooring is the best choice when it comes to choosing a kicthen flooring.

Discounted Sisal Carpet

01st October 2013

Love Sisal but not the price? How to get Quality Sisal Flooring off the roll for less than £17 per Sqm

Discounted Rubber Matting

01st October 2013

We have a great selection of rubber matting that is suitable for a wide range of uses.


04th October 2013

Changes at the top for one if the largest carpet retailers but what does that mean for the Burts bargain hunters.

Westex Carpet Remnant Delivery Due Soon

10th October 2013

Check out what's coming in our next delivery

Handy Guide To Associated Weavers Wool Collection

11th October 2013

Delving further into the pile to get the right type of carpet for you.

Asiatic Matrix Rugs Spoils You For Choice

11th October 2013

So you've settled on the Matrix for its price and quality - but the dilemma's only just started with this range of rugs

Stripey Carpets

14th October 2013

Whether you call them striped or stripey they are a trend that's still going strong. find our favourites...

Vinyl Flooring Remnants

18th October 2013

Over 500 Vinyl Remnants now online

Why Choose Wool Carpet Remnants?

20th October 2013

Practical reasons why to choose wool

Twist on Traditional

22nd October 2013

Looking for something a bit different to the standard traditional rug - look no further than the Kingston

Top 10 Tips for Looking After Your Vinyl Flooring

28th October 2013

A correctly installed vinyl floor will last for years and years. By following our handy guide you will get the most out of your floor!

What is a Saxony Carpet?

30th October 2013

A saxony carpet is sometimes also known as a shag pile and has a deep soft pile.

What is a Carpet Remnant?

30th October 2013

We are often asked what do we mean by a carpet remnant.

The Best Flooring for a Kitchen

01st November 2013

We may be a bit biased but we think that a sheet vinyl is the best option when choosing your new kitchen flooring.

Do I Need to Buy New Carpet Underlay

01st November 2013

The simple answer is YES - this is not just a sales gimmick!

What is the Best Carpet for a Kids Bedroom

04th November 2013

Choosing a carpet for a children's bedroom is always a difficult task. Do you go practical or bright and funky?

Is Sisal Suitable for a Stair Carpet

07th November 2013

Sisal is a very durable and hard wearing floor covering but we are regularly asked - can I use sisal as a stair carpet?

Is Vinyl and Lino the Same Thing

07th November 2013

This week we have been asked 4 times -Is vinyl and lino the same thing? The simple answer is no, but the answer does need some explaining.

2014 Rug Trends

13th November 2013

Key Rug and Interior Design Trends to look out for in 2014.

Carpet Trends for 2014

14th November 2013

What will be the hot carpet choices in 2014? As this year draws to a close we have been considering what will be the hot fashion in carpets for next year.

Authentic Wood Effect Flooring

18th November 2013

What is the most authentic wood effect flooring?

Next Day Carpet Delivery

18th November 2013

We aim to deliver your carpet remnant the next working day. Please read for more information.

How to Fit Carpet Underlay

20th November 2013

A successful carpet installation needs to have the underlay fitted correctly. In this guide we look at the basics.

How to Fit Carpet Gripper Rods

28th November 2013

Easy how to guide for fitting carpet gripper rods.

Westex Carpets Sale

02nd December 2013

It looks like Westex Carpets is to be sold to another flooring firm.

Lifestyle Floors

03rd December 2013

Lifestyle Floors are a fantastic collection of carpets that have been designed with the modern lifestyle in mind.

Headlam PLC buy Fells Carpets

10th December 2013

The Headlam carpet wagon rolls on!

Rhinofloor - New Ranges Launched

10th December 2013

The brand leader has just launched their new for 2014 ranges.

Westex Carpet Remnants - Up to 80% off RRP

11th December 2013

Our new delivery of Westex Carpet Remnants has arrived!

Best Flooring for Asthma Sufferers

16th December 2013

Choosing the right flooring is an important consideration for asthma sufferers.