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October 2013 Trend Corner / Blog Archive

Discounted Sisal Carpet

01st October 2013

Love Sisal but not the price? How to get Quality Sisal Flooring off the roll for less than £17 per Sqm

Discounted Rubber Matting

01st October 2013

We have a great selection of rubber matting that is suitable for a wide range of uses.


04th October 2013

Changes at the top for one if the largest carpet retailers but what does that mean for the Burts bargain hunters.

Westex Carpet Remnant Delivery Due Soon

10th October 2013

Check out what's coming in our next delivery

Handy Guide To Associated Weavers Wool Collection

11th October 2013

Delving further into the pile to get the right type of carpet for you.

Asiatic Matrix Rugs Spoils You For Choice

11th October 2013

So you've settled on the Matrix for its price and quality - but the dilemma's only just started with this range of rugs

Stripey Carpets

14th October 2013

Whether you call them striped or stripey they are a trend that's still going strong. find our favourites...

Vinyl Flooring Remnants

18th October 2013

Over 500 Vinyl Remnants now online

Why Choose Wool Carpet Remnants?

20th October 2013

Practical reasons why to choose wool

Twist on Traditional

22nd October 2013

Looking for something a bit different to the standard traditional rug - look no further than the Kingston

Top 10 Tips for Looking After Your Vinyl Flooring

28th October 2013

A correctly installed vinyl floor will last for years and years. By following our handy guide you will get the most out of your floor!

What is a Saxony Carpet?

30th October 2013

A saxony carpet is sometimes also known as a shag pile and has a deep soft pile.

What is a Carpet Remnant?

30th October 2013

We are often asked what do we mean by a carpet remnant.