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Phthalate Free Flooring Options - Low VOC vinyl flooring

Fri 03rd March 2017  | posted in Vinyl Flooring

In 2016 there was a number of negative press articles concerning dangerous chemicals in laminate and vinyl flooring.  These mainly came from the USA and concerned product that was primarily made in China and supplied via a huge retailer called Lumber Liquidators. The chemical in question was phthalate but what is it and should we be worried?

Phthalate is used to make plastics more pliant and therefore softer to the touch.  These compounds are also called endocrine disruptors and some of this group are classified as possible carcinogens.  This obviously rings alarm bells but needs to be taken in context to risk, i.e. is there likely to be a problem, how much of this chemical is used and how much is released.  These questions are being answered by the manufacturers in due course and we will re post any findings.

These chemicals have been used since the dawn of time where vinyl vinyl flooring is concerned so the manufacturers must be of the opinion that the risk is minimal or even non existent however the leading European brands have reacted over the last few years to making their products more environmentally friendly in production, use and recycling capabilities and these goals have meant that production techniques have been changed and many products we feature are actually Phthalate free and include the following ranges - 

Harlem by Lifestyle Floors

All Ranges by Rhinofloor

All Ranges by Tarkett

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