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Thu 20th March 2014  | posted in vinyl

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We have the best possible prices on all Rhinofloor vinyl flooring that we sell and all are of first quality and backed up by the market leading Rhinofloor brand name warranty.
The warranty is dependent on the quality purchased and ranges between 5 and 15 years.  

Many manufacturers hide behing their warranty but we feel Rhinofloor are most open about it and it gives a very good indication of expected life of their products.  Full details of the warranty provided by rhinofloor can be seen below -

Covered by this guarantee are all the floor coverings in the Rhinofloor range intended for residential use -

Validity Period:The guarantee's duration varies according to the products and may be up to 5, 10, 15 or 20 years depending onthe qualities, the profiles produced and the use recommended by Rhinofloor.

The start of the guarantee is at the date of purchase for the covering by the consumer, shown on an invoice produced by the retailer, clearly mentioning the reference and the selection of the covering properties.

Guarantee:The only coverings sheet guaranteed are those classified as perfects and used according to the state of art andRhinofloor's specifications, and this applies to rooms for domestic use.

The following is covered by the Rhinofloor guarantee:

Apparent defects, indicated to Rhinofloor or to the retailer prior to laying, such as appearance defects, structural defects, indelible stains, defects on the backing other than back printing.

Manufacturing defects, indicated to Rhinofloor or to the retailer during the guarantee period, causing aftera time an abnormal change such as early wear (beginning of the pattern legibility loss).

The Following is Excluded From The Rhinofloor’s Guarantee:

1. Products sold in a quality other than perfects.

2. Defects caused by an installation which is not according to laying instructions specified by the manufacturer.

3. Mishandled products or products subjected to a use other than domestic or unsuitable stored.

4. Products damaged during transportation outside Rhinofloor’s responsibility or in any other wayoutside Rhinofloor’s responsibility.

5. Products which are cut or laid with an apparent defect.

6. Products having been unsuitable maintained, in a way not complying with the maintenanceinstructions and specified of Rhinofloor.

7. Products for which deterioration, leading to their replacement, is caused by underfloor unevenness.

8. Differences in colour, gloss and embossing structure between the products sold and pictures or samples and, inthe case of purchasing contracts, differences in manufacturing, including colour differences between differentproduction batches.

9. Damages caused by stains, burns, cuts, grooves, friction, accidental indentations, loss of colour caused bycarpet backs, painted surfaces, yellowing related to an external product (asphalt, tar, etc).

10. Damages caused by stiletto heels and unprotected legs of tables and chairs.

11. Defects and damages caused by circumstances outside Rhinofloor’s control.

12. Loss of colour or damages caused by outside sources, including water, leaks, flooding, heat and very strongsunlight.

13. All products without EXTREME or SUPREME Surface Protection can have colouring caused by furniture rubberfeet which is likely to leave indelible marks; otherwise, place rigid cups under the feet. Colouring caused by the feet of waxed pieces of furniture likely to leave indelible marks; otherwise, protect any sensitive part using feltpads.

Conditions Of Application:Any defect shall be indicated to Rhinofloor or the retailer immediately after it is found.The defect shall be acknowledged after examination of the covering by a Rhinofloor representative or a dulyqualified authorised agent. Rhinofloor reserve their right to require a sample showing the defect found in order to analyse it in theirlaboratories.

Conditions Of Compensation: For any defect found on a product covered by the Rhinofloor guarantee and conforming to the criteria of cover and application, and further to the file being accepted by the Rhinofloor concerned department, a compensation shall be granted.Such compensation covers the purchase price for the covering, excluding the taking up cost, the installation/dismantling cost (partitions, furniture, ...) the cost of laying and of material possibly used for laying (glue, skirtingboards, ...) and is broken down as follows:

Period after purchasing, during Rate of reimbursement which the defect was found for the covering.

For 20 Years Guarantee:

Upto 2 years 100%

2 to 4 years 80%

4 to 7 years 65%

7 to 10 years 50%

10 to 15 years 35%

15 to 20 years 20%


For 15 Years Guarantee:

Up to 2 years 100%

2 to 4 years 80%

4 to 6 years 60%

6 to 10 years 40%

10 to 15 years 20%


For 5 Years Guarantee:

Up to 2 years 80%

2 to 3 years 60%

3 to 4 years 40%

4 to 5 years 20%

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